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SP17 & SP18 -- High-Power Diode Laser Side Pumped Modules

Time:2022-10-11 09:33:20

Xi'an, China – Oct 11th, 2022 – Focuslight Technologies Inc., a global photonics application solution provider, has announced the SP17 & SP18 high-power side pumped modules. The two models can offer peak power of 30kW and 5kW respectively while achieving higher small signal gain (SSG: >30 for SP18, >55 for SP17>55), and better fluorescence distribution uniformity >90%. SP17 & SP18 can be used for high-power solid-state laser pumping, and ultimately applied in advanced manufacturing fields such as material machining, surface treatment, and pan-semiconductor processing.

SP17 High-power Diode Laser Side Pumped Module

SP18 -power Diode Laser Side Pumped Module

Diode pumped solid-state lasers (DPSSLs), enjoying the advantages of high power, high beam quality output, less thermal effect, high efficiency, and compact device structure, have gradually replaced the traditional lamp pumped lasers and gas lasers. As the core pumping source, the diode laser side pumped modules determine the performance and reliability of solid-state lasers.

Utilizing Focuslight’s advanced high-power diode lasers  as the core component, and employing  unique optical design, water flow design and the ASE (Amplified Spontaneous Emission) effect control method, SP17 & SP18 achieve high-peak power, high gain, and high uniformity of fluorescence distribution. As the gain increases, the high-peak power pumping module will generate a serious ASE effect if no corresponding measures are taken,which results in gain saturation and in the end, prevents the module from a high SSG value. SP17 and SP18 side pumped modules take effective measures to inhibit the ASE effect.

Five phase Pump Structure Diagram

Product Features:

1. High-peak power and small signal gain (SSG)

SP18 peak power: 5kW, SSG>30; SP17 peak power: 30kW, SSG>55. SP17 & SP18 provide reliable gain modules for high-energy solid-state lasers.

SSG of SP17

SSG of SP18

2. Better uniformity of fluorescence distribution

The uniformity of fluorescence distribution is a critical characteristic of the diode laser side pump module. Utilizing the unique optical field homogenization technology of Focuslight makes the high uniformity of fluorescence distribution of SP17 & SP18 exceed 90%, which in the end, restrains the thermal effect of the side pumped module and provides a high-quality line beam for DPSSL.

Test Results for Fluorescence Distribution


SP17 Key Specifications

SP18 Key Specifications

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