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Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Xi’an, China, Focuslight Technologies Inc. is a fast growing company that develops and manufactures high power diode lasers and micro optics, for applications in advanced manufacturing, health, research, automotive and information technology. With its extensive engineering expertise in thermal, optical and mechanical design, die bonding, FAC assembling, beam shaping solutions, fiber coupling and system integration, Focuslight is dedicated to providing customers with well-matched comprehensive solutions that enable our customers' success in their own business. 

In 2017, Focuslight successfully acquired LIMO. Since its inception in 1992, LIMO has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of optics and beam shaping solutions, as well as a pioneer of groundbreaking new photonics production technologies.

Focuslight now has Diode Laser Business Unit, Laser Optics Business Unit, Automotive Business Unit and Optical Systems Business Unit, with facilities in Xi’an, Dongguan and Dortmund. We have a facility of 31,000 square meters (20,000㎡ for Xi’an facility and 11,000㎡for Dortmund facility), which has over 4,900 square meters ( 2,900㎡ in Xi’an and 2,000㎡in Dortmund ) of clean room space for high power diode lasers and micro optics.

Focuslight's key strength is its passion for technology innovation that enhances the company's competitiveness in the global market. Our core technologies, laser packaging technology, thermal design & management technology, thermal stress control technology, testing analysis & diagnosis technology, and beam shaping & fiber coupling technology, enable us to gain strong market presence worldwide.

Focuslight is committed to providing our customers with reliable, high performance laser products and superior services. Alongside our global partners in Europe, North America, Israel, Japan, and Korea, we work closely to deliver well-tailored diode lasers and micro optic solutions that help our customers innovate, grow and succeed.


  • 2007

    Sep.  Established Xi'an Focuslight Technologies Co., Ltd.

  • 2008

    Jun. Released C-mount Single Emitter (CS) Diode Lasers, the company's first semiconductor laser  product series

    Oct. Released the world's first QCW 250W single bar, 5000W Vertical Stack (VS)laser product series

  • 2009

    Feb. Held the first product release conference, launching four product series to the market

    Apr. Received ISO9001 certification in Quality Management

  • 2010

    Apr. Launched mass production of indium-free, hard solder diode lasers

    Nov. Launched mass production of the fiber-coupled modules

  • 2011

    Aug. Released the DLight® high-power laser melting system 

  • 2012

    May. Implemented the indium-free hard solder bonding technology in MaCC laser product series

    Dec. Launched the FocusMed® laser product, entering the Medical and Aesthetic market

  • 2013

    July. Co-deveopped two Chinese National standards for semicondutor lasers

    Oct. Reached innovation milestone of 100 issued patents, reflecting Focuslight's commitment to technology innovation and dedication to delivering state-of-the- art products to customers worldwide

    Dec. Annual sales reached over 100 million RMB

  • 2014

    Dec.Overseas sales reached 10 millions RMB

  • 2015

    Apr. Introduced the prototyple tool for semiconductor laser testing and diagnosis, enabling early testing and diagonosis in the manufacturing process

    Jun. Formed Focuslight Technologies Inc.

  • 2017

    May. Completed acquisition of LIMO Lissotschenko Mikrooptik GmbH

  • 2018

    Feb. LIMO won Prism Award with UV-L750 product

Management team

  • Dr. Victor Liu
    Dr. Victor Liu

    CEO & President

    Dr. Victor Liu

    Dr. Victor Liu -CEO & President

    10 years of research and management experience in America (Virginia Tech, Corning, Coherent, nLight)

    100+ publications,  100+ patents,  30+ invited papers internationally

    Served or serving as chair or committee member of international conferences

  • Dr. Chung-En  Zah
    Dr. Chung-En Zah

    EVP & CTO

    Dr. Chung-En  Zah

    Dr. Chung-En Zah -EVP & CTO

    30 years of research experience in America (Corning, Bellcore)

    300+ publications,  54 U.S. patents

    2 time R&D 100 award winner           

    Served or serving as journal editors, chair or committee member of international conferences

    IEEE Fellow and OSA Fellow

  • Mr. Sinclair Vass
    Mr. Sinclair Vass

    SVP & President of Laser Optics BU

    Mr. Sinclair Vass

    Mr. Sinclair Vass -SVP & President of Laser Optics BU

    Excellent track record in worldwide sales, marketing & product line management leadership roles

    Deep knowledge of major optical telecommunications, consumer electronics, industrial, high power lasers

    Success in identifying and executing on significant M&A initiatives and strategic planning

  • Mr. Kenneth Ferree
    Mr. Kenneth Ferree

    VP of Sales and Marketing

    Mr. Kenneth Ferree

    Mr. Kenneth Ferree -VP of Sales and Marketing

    30 years of extensive sales and marketing experience in the laser industry

    Rich multicultural management experience 

    Served or serving as member of international conferences

  • Mr. Ye Tian
    Mr. Ye Tian

    VP & President of Diode Laser BU

    Mr. Ye Tian

    Mr. Ye Tian -VP & President of Diode Laser BU

    Over 15 years experience in market development product marketing and sales

    Received the certificate of CEIBS Leadership Acceleration Program

  • Mr. Guowei Zhu
    Mr. Guowei Zhu

    VP & President of Automotive BU

    Mr. Guowei Zhu

    Mr. Guowei Zhu -VP & President of Automotive BU

    Over 20 years experience in automotive industry

    Rich plant P&L and operations management experience

    Familiar with ITAF quality management system, KPI management, team building and plant operations management by World Class Manufacturing (WCM) & Lean Manufacturing

Quality Assurance

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