Supply Chain

Win-win Cooperation

To achieve Focuslight products’ continuous leadership and commercial success, Focuslight expects to build long-term and stable cooperative relationship with suppliers, and jointly achieve technological breakthroughs and innovations, so as to build stronger market competitiveness. At the same time, Focuslight aims to establish a reasonable benefit sharing mechanism to share the cooperation benefits with suppliers. Focuslight looks forward to a win-win cooperation with suppliers, maintaining a healthy industrial environment, and building a sustainable and competitive healthy industry chain.


Environment, Health and Safety

Focuslight is committed to protecting environment and to providing employees with a safe and healthy working environment. Hereby, Focuslight has formulated goals and management plans, and adopted strict measurements. Focuslight expects suppliers to offer the following cooperation and support:

• Comply with regulations and requirements related to environmental and occupational health and safety;

• Put work related to environmental and occupational health and safety into the important agenda, and keep improving the management level of safety and environment year by year; 

• Cooperate with the investigations of environmental and occupational health and safety management status and the follow-up inspection activities conducted by Focuslight, and truthfully reflect the environmental and occupational health and safety management status; 

• Implement improvements on relevant environmental and occupational health and safety management, in accordance with requirements and suggestions put forward by Focuslight;

• Continuously improve employees' awareness of personal safety and environment protection, and jointly take the social responsibility of protecting employees' occupational health and safety and also the environment.


Quality First, Continuous Improvement

Quality is the basis for the survival and development of Focuslight. Suppliers shall work together with Focuslight to improve quality and service standards. Focuslight has strict requirements on supplier quality control, and cooperates with suppliers for continuous improvement. The overall policy is to meet customer requirements, continuous improvement, quick response, and positive attitude. To select the best supplier and ensure continuous improvement, Focuslight implements the following three-level measurement process: 

• Selection process: the technical, procurement and quality team of Focuslight will participate in evaluation and selection potential suppliers. Once the potential suppliers are approved qualified, then Focuslight will sign General Cooperation Agreements and Quality Assurance Agreements with suppliers as well as other necessary documents; 

• Components approval process: Focuslight will use process review and product approval system; 

• Continuous improvement monitoring: Focuslight will conduct annual audit of suppliers by performance evaluation system.


Focuslight Supply Chain Management(FLSCM)

IQC  Incoming Quality Control; SQE: Supplier Quality Engineer

Open and Transparent Procurement

Focuslight has fully integrated the faith and requirements of fulfilling social responsibility into Focuslight's procurement process to ensure that all procurement transactions comply with relevant laws and regulations. Focuslight has established a complete internal control and supervision system to manage and control procurement business risks in an all-round way. It is to ensure the safe implementation of Focuslight's procurement business. In order to maintain fair competition in the market order and to strengthen the management of personnel integrity, abide by business ethics, and prevent and curb violations of laws and regulations from the beginning, Focuslight require all suppliers to sign the "Letter of Undertaking of Supplier Honesty and Integrity" and "Supplier Code of Conduct". Focuslight and its suppliers are committed to building a fair, just , open and transparent procurement environment.


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