Wafers and Capabilities

Key Specifications

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The wafer-based production technology produces polished wafers up to 300 x 300 mm², making it possible to produce tens of thousands of lenses from high-grade glass and crystal in a single process step, with a consistently high level of quality. Combined with a significantly expanded production capacity, Focuslight’s highly productive and cost-efficient operations mean that the company can sustainably meet the growing global demand for optics in innovative photonics- and laser-based applications and technologies well into the future. The surface shape of every single lens of a micro-lens array can be individually designed to yield the best intensity distribution, while our high-precision manufacturing process on a wafer basis provides a high rate of repeatability and reproducibility. Combined with the choice of various glasses and an ISO9001 qualified coating, we can offer a wide spectrum of long-life micro-optics solutions. 


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