Off-Axis Beam Shaper

  • ● Generates a homogeneous field of ≥ 180 x 180 mm² with a top-hat profile along both axes under a specified illumination angle
  • ● Optical efficiency up to 90 %, inhomogeneity across entire area < 7.5%
  • ● Suitable for many different laser sources (e.g., diode laser, solid-state laser, and excimer)
  • ● Versatile in various application fields, e.g., material refinement, machine vision, and industrial contactless inspection

Key Specifications

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Product NamePart No.AR Coating Spectrum (nm)Working Distance (mm)Angle of Incidence (°)
DatasheetOff-Axis Beam Shaper, TopHat of 180 x 180 mm²IOS000292 *Uncoated680 ± 2515 ± 3

* Example for customization — customized field sizes and coatings on request. Longer lead time may apply to custom products.


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