AX02 Pro

  • ● Based on novel high peak power VCSEL, Focuslight’s propriety microlens glass diffuser, and the in-house developed short pulse driver
  • ● Industry-leading peak power > 700W@940nm
  • ● Pulse width < 5ns
  • ● FOV 125° X25° (with batwing intensity distribution)
  • ● An ideal solution for dToF LiDAR when coupled with SiPM/SPAD detector array, also applicable in industrial sensing and other 3D sensing scenarios
  • ● FOV (up to 160°) and far-field intensity distribution can be customized upon customer request

Key Specifications

Part No. Power Output (W)Wavelength (nm)FOV (°)
DatasheetFL-AX02Pro-700-940-125x25 *700 (peak)940125 x 25

* Typical customization of products. Longer lead time may apply to custom products.


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