Core Technologies

Diode Lasers

Eutectic Bonding

Thermal Management

Thermal Stress Control

Interface Materials and Surface Engineering

Test Analysis and Diagnosis

Hard solder & totally Indium-free die bonding process, which can effectively prevent the creep, electromigration, and thermal fatigue of indium solder, has been applied to manifold high power diode lasers based on the CTE matched substrate with high thermal conductivity to enhance their lifetime and reliability.
Optimizing design in packaging structure and using advanced material with high thermal conductivity effectively improve the ability of heat dissipation to ensure a higher output power.
Theoretical study and analysis of the mechanism of thermal stress on the performance of high-power diode lasers enable us to develop the advanced thermal management technology which can lower and homogenize the thermal stress, and improve the device performance, e.g., lower smile, higher degree of polarization (DoP) and narrower spectrum.
A specific technology of the surface treatment process was developed to enhance the characteristics of the surface state of bonding materials for the increase of adhesive strength and long-time reliability of die bonding. Thin-film Gold-tin eutectic solder has been developed in-house, and the composition can easily be adjusted for fulfilling the stable and reliable indium-free die bonding.
Thanks to our studies on the mechanism of high-power diode laser performance, the optimized structure of the diffusion barrier layer, and the development of the corresponding preparation process technology, the reliability and the stability of the bonding interface have been greatly improved.

Laser Optics

Beam Transformation System (BTS)

Beam Homogenization

Line Beam Shaping

Wafer-level Laser Optics Manufacturing

The BTS transforms the asymmetrical far-field distribution of a diode laser bar into a nearly symmetrical beam parameter product.
Focuslight homogenizers can produce many different beam shapes, making them extremely versatile in use.
Shaping and conversion of up to 12 symmetrical laser beams (e.g. Gaussian profile) into an ultra-uniform high-energy-density line beam. Our 750 mm UV-Line system has been used in the most advanced flexible OLED production line in the world, with uniformity of over 97%.
Preparing 12-inch (300mm×300mm) glass micro-optics wafers and refractive micro-lens elements (ROE) based on wafer-level synchronous structured laser optics manufacturing technology enables precise shaping and control of many types of laser beams zero-dimensionally (point), one-dimensionally (line), and two-dimensionally (area), to meet different application requirements.
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