Recording | AuSn Thin Film Technology and AuSn Pre-deposited Substrates for Optoelectronics


On Oct 20th at 9:00 pm Beijing time (1:00 pm UK standard time), Focuslight joined Electro Optics in a webinar session.

Allen Liu, Senior Product Line Manager of Advanced Materials from Focuslight's Diode Laser BU, gave a presentation entitled "AuSn Thin Film Technology and AuSn Pre-deposited Substrates for Optoelectronics".


AuSn thin film is a critical technology to ensure the long-term reliable use of optoelectronic devices. Compared to traditional materials such as Indium, SnPb, SnBi etc., AuSn bonded devices have superior performance in durability, oxidation resistance and thermal fatigue resistance. In this session, Allen Liu, Senior Product Line Manager of Advanced Materials from Focuslight’s Diode Laser BU, will present the design and key process of AuSn thin film, combined with application data of high-power diode laser devices. It will be a detailed introduction to AuSn thin film technology and AuSn pre-deposited substrates for optoelectronics from the application point of view.


Our Strength

Focuslight pioneers in the pre-deposited AuSn thin film and AuSn eutectic bonding technologies with more than 10 years of technological investment. Focuslight has been supplying AuSn substrate materials to its clients since 2020, and now the manufacturing capacity has reached over 500,000 pcs per month. Focuslight also provides customized pre-deposited AuSn substrates and thin film metallization as technical service.


AuSn Pre-Deposited AlN Ceramic Submounts



Allen Liu has 13 years of experience in materials science and engineering. He joined Focuslight in 2013 and has served as R&D project manager, product manager, and senior product line manager. Now he is the manager of the advanced materials product line in the Diode Laser BU.

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