Focuslight Won Two Awards at the Laser Focus World Innovator Awards 2022


Laser Focus World's 2022 Innovator Awards for the laser and optoelectronics industry have been recently announced. Focuslight has won silver and bronze awards for its DLight S Series Semiconductor Wafer Annealing System and AuSn Pre-Deposited AlN Ceramic Submounts.


Focuslight's DLight S Series Semiconductor Wafer Annealing System

The system combines multiple core technologies for photon generation and photon control to generate an extremely narrow (70 μm) line laser beam with an aspect ratio of 160:1, providing a continuous energy output of up to 1800W / mm². The system can be used in the key pre-processes of logic chip manufacturing with 28nm technology node and below for dynamic surface annealing (DSA), laser spike annealing (LSA) and other processes. Such processes heat the wafer surface atomic layer to more than 1000 ° C in less than 1 millisecond and then let it cool rapidly to effectively reduce wafer electrode defects in the process and improve product performance and production yield.


Laser Focus World Innovator Awards 2022 Silver Award - Focuslight's DLight S Series Semiconductor Wafer Annealing System

Focuslight's AuSn Pre-Deposited AlN Ceramic Submounts

AuSn thin film is an essential technology to ensure the long-term reliability of optoelectronic devices. Compared to traditional materials such as Indium, SnPb, SnBi, etc., AuSn-bonded devices have superior performance in durability, oxidation resistance and thermal fatigue resistance. Focuslight pioneers in the pre-deposited AuSn thin film and AuSn eutectic bonding technologies with more than 10 years of technological investment. By using physical vapor deposition technology, the thickness of AuSn is less than 10μm with a tolerance of +/-1μm, and thickness uniformity can reach 3%, which is critical for increasing the uniformity of the bonding interface, reducing the void rate of the bonding interface, and increasing the output power of device finally.


Laser Focus World Innovator Awards 2022 Bronze Award - Focuslight's AuSn Pre-Deposited AIN Ceramic Submounts


Laser Focus World Innovator Awards

Laser Focus World’s Innovators Awards program celebrates the disparate and innovative technologies, products, and systems that have made groundbreaking contributions to the lasers, optics and photonics industry and are recognized as leaders and innovators to the largest collection of vision and imaging professionals.  Submissions were judged on originality, the impact on designers, systems integrators or users, whether  a new market need has been fulfilled or not,  or whether a novel technology has been leveraged to have  productivity increase.

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