Focuslight -- Pan-Semiconductor Processing Photonics Application Solutions


With the popularity of lasers in the material processing and manufacturing industry, photonics technologies have emerged as promising approaches that push the replacements or upgrades for the traditional processes in material modification applications (interaction between photons and matter), especially in pan-semiconductor processing.

Powered by its core technologies of high-power diode lasers ("photon generation") and micro-optics ("photon control”), Focuslight is able to provide a wide range of application solutions in pan-semiconductor scenarios like integrated circuits, LCD and LED display, solar panel, power battery, and glass industries.

Focuslight’s micro-optics beam shaping technology can shape all kinds of light sources to meet the application requirements regarding beam shape, power density, and light intensity distribution to fulfill the criteria in laser annealing, material crystallization/sintering, laser lifting-off, mass soldering, and other applications – bringing the application of photons to the next level!

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