Low-E Glass Annealing

Low-E glass, also known as low radiation glass, is glass with multilayer metal or other compound coatings on the surface. Compared with common glass and traditional coated glass for architecture use, the coating has excellent heat insulation performance and good light transmittance. 


Low-E glass annealing is an advanced manufacturing process that uses high-power line beam diode laser system to heat up and transform amorphous Ag layer coated on Low-E glass into crystalline Ag layer, so as to reduce the glass’s emissivity, improve its insulation performance and enhance the overall performance of Low-E glass itself. 


Focuslight’s Activation IR series high-power line beam laser system can provide a power output of 18kW/unit with 350mm beam length and 400µm beam width. It can also be expanded infinitely in the line length direction to meet the requirements of different processing formats. 

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