3D Sensing

Besides of obtaining the plane image, 3D sensing can capture the depth information of the subject. With the development of image sensor from 2D to 3D, the scalability of mobile phone, car, AR and other applications becomes higher and higher with the introduction of depth information. It is a major trend of sensor development from 2D to 3D in the future. At present, the mainstream technologies of 3D sensing include binocular vision, structured light and TOF (time of flight). No matter which kind of technology approach is chosen, micro-optical components play an important role in it.  


Based on ROE (refractive optical element) principle, Focuslight offers high performance beam shaping solutions, e.g., diffusers. Integrated with NIR VCSEL light source, diffuser could be utilized for flood illumination module or TOF light source module, which is widely used for biometrics, intelligent monitoring, smart home appliances, robot, automotive flash LiDAR, DMS (driver monitoring system) / OMS (occupant monitoring system), etc. 

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