Telecommunication devices use light waves to transmit signals, and ultimately achieve the purpose of communication. Structurally, it can be divided into three parts: optical signal transmitting, receiving and processing, each of which requires chip or device packaging.  


AuSn pre-deposited ceramic substrates are widely used for chip or device packaging in the telecommunication industry thanks to their high thermal conductivity, good insulation characteristics and high reliability. 


Micro-optic lenses also provide solutions for coupling signals from laser sources to the fiber communication system with high transmission efficiencies. 


Focuslight provides AuSn pre-deposited ceramic substrates and high-grade optics for telecommunication devices with full flexibility of customization. The customizable free-space optics from Focuslight can shape the beam from an asymmetric emitter to a symmetric beam, ideal for single mode coupling. With the wafer-based production, they can also be designed for a diode laser or wave-guide array, also suitable for high-capacity & extreme bandwidth DWDM communication systems. 

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