Driver Monitoring System

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DMS (Driver Monitoring System) is an emerging application for driving safety enhancement and in-cabin human machine interaction enrichment. Two types of DMS exist: active DMS and passive DMS, while the former one is becoming dominant due to its higher level of detection confidence. Active DMS utilizes 2D camera or ToF 3D camera to monitor the status of vehicle driver and generates voice or lighting alert when the driver shows signs of dizziness or other behaviors that are considered unsafe.  


VCSEL illumination is becoming a popular choice to replace LED illumination for its higher power, more uniform illumination, lower illuminator quantity needed and reduced system footprint, which in turn ensures a more efficient and more accurate monitoring and identification of driver’s unsafe behavior. The VCSEL illuminator for DMS application has embedded diffuser that shapes VCSEL illumination into certain specified FOV with automotive grade glass materials. DMS is becoming mandatory in many countries. As adoption rate increases, DMS is also being expanded to OMS (Occupancy Monitoring System) to cover most areas inside a vehicle including passengers and backseats, which requires larger FOV and higher power VCSELs.  


Focuslight offers to DMS market VCSEL illuminator AT01/AT02 with wide angle automotive grade diffusers. FOV can be customized upon request.  

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