Automotive LiDAR

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Photonics technology now plays a critical role in the new generation of intelligent driving technology. LiDAR, a product of laser and optics technology, is increasingly being adopted by ADAS and autonomous driving system designers. DMS (Driver Monitoring System) based on NIR VCSEL illumination could gather accurate and comprehensive real-time information of in-cabin driver’s status and behavior and enable AI alert system to make judgement and gives alert. AR HUD (Augmented Reality Heads-up Display), based on laser display and projection technology, can project helpful navigation and supporting information to windshield and mix the projection with road and vehicles ahead in reality.  


LiDAR has become the most important sensor technology for ADAS and autonomous driving thanks to its long detection range, high resolution, high responsivity, and low sensitivity to weather and environment. LiDAR system consists of laser transmitter module, laser receiving module, and signal processing module. LiDAR has created great challenges to photonics industry in reliability, manufacturability, quality control in mass production and cost control at high volumes.  


Focuslight is developing product platforms and photonics solutions for LiDAR, DMS and other emerging automotive applications. Focuslight was awarded with volume supply contract with an automotive tier 1 customer for its first automotive LiDAR project which has entered SOP. Focuslight is certified for established IATF 16949 quality system and has passed VDA 6.3 audit in 2020. Focuslight with its rich experiences and core technologies in design, development, qualification and high-volume auto grade manufacturing has successfully established a wide connection and engagement with various valued LiDAR customers.  


Focuslight offers optical components, optical assemblies, laser transmitters for LiDAR customers. For laser transmitters, Focuslight offers edge emitting laser based BeamRazorTM series line laser transmitter module, VCSEL-laser-based line laser and flash transmitter modules, and high peak power DPSS-laser-based transmitter module.  

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