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Laser medical treatment is a new application enabled by the selective photothermolysis theory of biological tissues. Based on different absorption efficiencies of biological tissues for different wavelengths of laser, it is gradually applied in general surgery, dermatology, ENT, stomatology, gynecology, cardiology, neurosurgery and tumor treatment. Due to the unique advantages of targeted absorption, higher efficiency and less side effects, laser medical treatments have become the trend in various medical application fields. 


Diode laser has been widely used in many fields, such as hair removal, lipolysis, fluorescence imaging and surgery. Among them, as a new technology, laser fluorescein angiography (LFA) has been used in precision surgery. Before the operation, the patients are injected with the fluorescent agent indocyanine green (ICG). The agent will then gather in the lesion area and be excited by diode laser to generate infrared light with longer wavelength. Finally, the lesion area will be accurately imaged by CCD sensors, so as to assist doctors in the precision surgery.  


Also, laser is widely used in the surgical treatment of urological diseases because of its high hemostatic efficiency and compatibility of optical fiber transmission. 


Focuslight’s fiber coupling modules (FCM) and MCC series microchannel water-cooled laser components are widely used in various laser medical treatment systems as core components with high reliability and excellent performance. 

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