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Laser energy could also be utilized in consumer health solutions, for instance, home-use laser hair removal and home-use laser skin rejuvenation. 


Same as its professional version, home-use laser hair removal is powered by the selective photothermolysis theory. Laser beam with 808nm wavelength, which has been widely recognized as “golden wavelength” for laser hair removal, is also adopted for home-use. Compared with the Intense Pulsed Light technology (IPL), laser has a much narrower spectrum, a higher absorption rate at hair follicles but a lower one at tissues. Furthermore, laser can provide a higher energy density that leads to better hair removal result.  


Focuslight provides complete solutions for home-use hair removal, including laser source, optical parts and heat sink. Our unique optical design ensures a high energy density and a large beam spot at treatment area at the same time. Flexibility of customization on products are also available upon request. 


Home-use skin rejuvenation adopts 1470nm non-ablative fractional laser technology, which can significantly improve skin situations like acne marks, acne pits and fine wrinkles. 1470nm laser is eye safe and therefore particularly suitable for home-use application.  


Focuslight’s home-use laser skin rejuvenation module can generate single spot / multiple spots / spot matrix through our special optical design. The multiple-spot solution can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the treatment. Flexibility of customization on products are also available upon request. 

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