Mini/Micro LED Soldering

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Mini/Micro LED display technology consists of a high-density LED array with self-emitting micron-sized LEDs as light-emitting pixel units. Micro LED chips are smaller, more integrated, and self-luminous. As a result, Micro LED has higher brightness, higher resolution, higher contrast, lower power consumption, longer life, faster response time and better thermal stability than OLED in terms of display.  


Compared with the traditional high-temperature reflux furnace process and laser scan soldering process, Focuslight's high-power square beam diode laser system can greatly reduce substrate warpage, avoid chip displacement during the welding process, and improve welding efficiency and yield. Focuslight is currently working with leading display industry companies in China to develop the Mini/Micro LED laser reflow soldering process. The process is expected to gradually replace the traditional reflux furnace process and will be fully applied in the Mini/Micro LED display panel manufacturing field in the future. 

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