Solid-State Laser Pumping

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Solid-state laser converts pump light energy into signal light through a resonant cavity and doped crystals. Thanks to its low energy consumption, high reliability, long life and high conversion efficiency, diode lasers have gradually replaced traditional krypton lamps or xenon lamps and become the main pump source of solid-state lasers. Solid-state lasers with diode lasers as pump sources are widely used in the fields of material processing, medical treatment, and scientific research due to their narrow pulse width, large output energy, and high peak power. 


Focuslight provides diode lasers with different powers, different wavelengths and different packages for solid-state laser pumping. The output power of the pump source ranges from several watts to kilowatts, with different cooling methods such as conduction cooling or water cooling to choose from, and different packages such as single emitter, single bar, vertical stack, horizontal array and area array are available.  

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