Plastic Welding

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Laser plastic welding technology uses high energy laser beam to melt of plastic contact surface, then bond the thermoplastic sheet, film, or molded parts together.  


Compared with the traditional welding technologies such as vibration friction welding, hot plate welding, ultrasonic welding etc., the laser plastic welding provides nicer welding seams, firmer welding structures, better sealing, zero particulate matter, smaller deformation, easier control, and excellent compatibility with workpieces in small size or complex shape and structure. At the same time, it can greatly reduce the vibration stress and thermal stress of the product. It means the end product or the respective internal components will age slower, which especially fits the requirements of high durability of e.g., automotive parts and medical equipment. 


Focuslight provides customers with the appropriate “laser system + optical shaping” solutions according to different plastic welding materials. With the world's leading micro-optical beam shaping and homogenizing technologies, Focuslight can achieve a variety of welding spot shapes and the industry's most uniform laser energy distribution that perfectly fit various welding methods such as contour welding, mask welding, and synchronous welding. Focuslight’s plastic welding systems are also equipped with a closed-loop temperature and energy control system providing real-time temperature acquisition and feedback, ensuring the high stability and high consistency of the welding process.

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