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Focuslight solid-state LLO optical system has been successfully used for years in the lift-off field of OLEDs in the production of flexible mobile phone displays.  


Thanks to their brilliant colors, OLEDs have conquered further fields of application, such as smartwatches, tablets, laptops, home theaters and especially the automotive industry (foldable displays, dashboard displays). In response to this trend, significant advances are being made in the industrial production of OLED displays of all sizes. In addition to simply scaling the display area and throughput, the need to boost productivity has also been identified. 


Solid-state lasers are now also available for use with the lift-off process. With a comparable output, these lasers are superior to the excimer lasers in terms of operating costs. Solid-state lasers deliver excellent beam quality, usually in a Gaussian beam profile. With the aid of special micro-optics, several of these laser sources are transformed into the profile needed for laser lift-off (LLO), with lengths of up to 1,000 mm and widths of less than 50 µm. 

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