Fiber Laser Pumping Components

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Fiber laser uses a doped glass fiber as the gain medium and fiber coupled semiconductor lasers as the pumping source to excite laser through the resonator.  

Core components in the fiber laser pumping souce:

• AuSn pre-deposited ceramic substrates — widely used in the pumping source thanks to their high thermal conductivity, suitable thermal expansion coefficient and high reliability;

• Fast axis collimators (FAC) and slow axis collimators (SAC)  — serving as fundamental and efficient solutions for shaping the beam emitted by the fiber laser’ s pumping sources;

• Focusing lenses -- coupling the collimated laser beam precisely into the output fiber of the pumping sources;

• Optically coated fiber attached to the pumping sources -- transmitting the laser energy to the gain medium, enabling the function output of the fiber laser module.

Focuslight provides AuSn pre-deposited ceramic substrates for fiber lasers. With solid experiences in chip bonding application, Focuslight optimized the thermal management design, thickness design, and CTE matching design of all layers of substrate materials, achieving a low-thermal-resistance, low-stress chip bonding application which ensures the high reliability of the devices.

Focuslight provides high-grade, high-damage-threshold precision glass optics for fiber laser pumping with more durable coatings and full flexibility of customization. The new revision of the FAC has an increased power content of > 92% within ±2.2 mrad and > 94% of the energy within Gaussian distribution (negligible side peaks). The SAC made of high index materials is now lighter, thinner, and fully customizable on aspheric designs upon premium collimation performance, where the unbiased physical dimension makes it perfect for automatic assembly.

Furthermore, Focuslight is able to provide other components like focusing lenses and AR-coated fibers for fiber laser application.

Focuslight applies lean manufacturing practices to reduce the cycle time and leverage AI to drive a higher yield at a lower cost, without compromising quality.

A strict quality management system in the PVD process as well as the “From wafer processing to single units” production mode ensures the reliability of the AuSn thin film and the consistency in mass production.

Based on its highly productive wafer-based manufacturing technology, Focuslight is able to produce tens of thousands of lenses from high-grade glass and crystal from a single wafer at a consistently high level of quality. The optical coating capabilities that Focuslight has developed and established not only meet the demand for optical coating of our own products but also provide optical coating services to customers. With technology innovation, as well as continuous improvements in applying automation, Focuslight keeps improving the production efficiency and yield, making it possible to sustainably meet the growing demand worldwide.  

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