Fiber Laser Components

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Fiber laser uses doped glass fiber as gain medium and fiber coupled semiconductor laser as pump source to excite laser through resonator.  


AuSn pre-deposited ceramic substrates are widely used in the pump source thanks to their high thermal conductivity, suitable thermal expansion coefficient and high reliability.  


Focuslight provides AuSn pre-deposited ceramic substrates for fiber lasers with full flexibility of customization on size, pattern, and metallization layer. 


Micro-optic fiber coupler and FAC-SAC arrays provide solutions for coupling single emitter or bar-based pump laser sources to a single fiber with high efficiencies of 90%, while FACs are designed to the diffraction limit with low tolerances, shaping the light reliably and with most value, especially suitable for automated assembly lines. 


Focuslight provides high-grade, high-damage-threshold precision glass optics for fiber lasers with full flexibility of customization. Thanks to its highly productive wafer-based manufacturing technology, Focuslight is able to produce tens of thousands of lenses from high-grade glass and crystal in a single process step, with a consistently high level of quality. 

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