Focuslight Announces Pulsed Laser Line Beam Transmitter Module for Beam Steering LiDAR Applications


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The new Focuslight BeamRazor™ LE02 pulsed laser line beam transmitter module is designed for beam steering LiDAR systems with steering mirrors or MEMS, as well as receivers such as ADP and SPAD/SiPM. It combines a high peak power 905nm pulsed laser with unique optical beam shaping technology. The result is high peak power >600W, short pulse width <5ns, and small beam divergence <0.15 (FA) x 25 degrees (SA) in a compact 55mm x 38mm x 14mm module. The divergence angle and energy distribution within the FOV can be customized on request.                                               


Figure 1. The Focuslight BeamRazor™ LE02 laser line transmitter and its line laser beam. 

Designed for a wide range of applications in autonomous vehicle LiDAR, 3D / industrial sensing, and machine vision, the BeamRazor LE02 line beam transmitter uses Focuslight’s unique optical beam shaping technology to produce a very small divergence of <0.15deg @FW1/e2 in the horizontal direction (FA) and a very uniform profile with a flat-top distribution in the vertical direction (SA), uniformity >85%, and divergence of 11deg@FWHM or 25deg@FWHM. 


Figure 2. The power output of the BeamRazor LE02 line beam transmitter. 

Figure 3. Horizontal and vertical FOV distribution (in angle space) of the BeamRazor LE02 line beam transmitter.

The BeamRazor LE02 line beam transmitter provides high performance, high maturity and manufacturability, and relatively low cost in mass production quantities. Combined with a rotating mirror or MEMS for beam steering, and APD or SPAD/SiPM array for signal receiving, the BeamRazor LE02 is an ideal line laser solution for hybrid LiDAR for ultra-high line density, high resolution, and long detection in automotive-grade mass production.

Tanway Technology, a Focuslight partner, has launched an all-new 64-line LiDAR named Scope, which is equipped with Focuslight’s BeamRazor LE02 line beam transmitter and has received good response from the market.  

Figure 4. Scope LiDAR point cloud equipped with Focuslight’s BeamRazorTM LE02 line beam transmitter (image courtesy Tanway Technology).

Focuslight is IATF 16949 certified and can provide mass production services and technical solutions for automotive customers. The company works with global Tier 1 automotive suppliers as well as leading LiDAR companies in the fields of optical components, LiDAR transmitter module development, and manufacturing services. In cooperation with Germany's Tier 1 automotive suppliers, Focuslight has created the world's first solid-state 3D Flash LiDAR transmitter module production line and has achieved mass production levels.


Figure 5. IATF16949 certificate and the world’s first 3D-Flash LiDAR Tx production line at Focuslight Technology.

About Focuslight:

Founded in 2007, Focuslight is a fast growing high-tech company committed to research, development and manufacturing of high power diode lasers. Headquartered in Xi’an, Shaanxi, China, Focuslight provides its products to a variety of different customers like OEMs, ODMs and system integrators in markets worldwide. With its extensive engineering capabilities from thermal, optical and mechanical design to die bonding, FAC assembling and fiber coupling to system integration, Focuslight is dedicated to providing customers with well-matched all-round solutions according to their actual needs. For more information, please visit